Double-head wood pallet block machine

wood pallet block machine with double head

  • Height: 75-145mm Width: 75-145mm
  • Power:around 22Kw
  • Glue Consumption:70-90 kg/m³(calculated as 550kg/m³)
  • Density of final product:550-600kg/m³
  • Capacity:4-6m³/24h
  • Voltage:380V,3phase,50Hz(motor could be customised)
  • Weight:1500kg
  • Dimension:8000*700*1500mm

Introduction of Wood Pallet Block Machine  

wood pallet block machine is used to produce wood blocks for wood pallets, also called compresswood block making machine. Pallet block making machine mainly includes three types of specifications: single head,double heads and triple heads.

The block is used to make the pallet feet which is for the transportation or storage pallet. The final product could get the E1 grade. The pallet feet could be solid without hole in the center, also could be hollow.

Wood Pallet Block Machine

The advantages of final product from Wood Pallet Block Machine

A. free of fumigation. Because the block is made by hot pressing, it is free of fumigation.

B. it could recycle the wood waste efficiently.

C. easy to operate. one person could handle 3 machines.

D. Density of final product could get to 550-800kg/CBM. You could choose what you need.

Wood Block Sizes  

The block sizes the machine can make are normally 75*75mm, 90*90mm, 90*100mm, 100*100mm, 80*90mm. If you have special requirements, we could customize for you, but it is at the range of 75mm to 145mm.

About wood pallet block machine, to offer you the professional quotation (information of the most suitable machine), I have some questions to check with you:

1, what is the block size you wanna make?

2, hollow block or solid block?

3, just the block machine needed or the production line needed?

4, if production line, what will be the raw material and what is the moisture of the raw material?

5, our motor is 380-415V, 50HZ, 3-phase. If different, what is yours?

6, if you need CFR or CIF price, which will be the destination port?

Parameters of Wood Pallet Block Machine


Length and width of block

Power (kw)

Production efficiency(m³/24h)

Dimension with saw(m)

Weight (kg)












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