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The Introduction of  hot press sawdust pallet block making machine

wood block making machine is a recycling machine by using the Hot Pressing Principle to process wood shavings and wood sawdust raw materials into wood pallet foot blocks which is widely used in transportation.


The specification of wood sawdust block press machine
The machine could make different size wood block as per your request, such as:
75*75,80*100,80*120,90*90,90*140,100*100,100*115,100*140,140*140 ,145*145 ect.

Technical data of hot press sawdust pallet block making machine

Model Double Head Four Head Six Head
Size 4800*780*1320 4900*800*1800 4900*940*1800
Capacity 2-5m3/24h 4-5m3/24h 6-8m3/24h
Density 550-600kg/m3 550-600kg/m3 550-600kg/m3
Weight 1050kg-1500kg 1500kg 2200Kg
Power 12-19kw 16-18kw 24kw


please check the pictures of our Hot press sawdust pallet block making machine

Hot press sawdust pallet block making machine Hot press sawdust pallet block making machine

Finished wood blocks advantages
1. The final blocks produced by the wood sawdust block making machine have the prominent features of smooth, waterproof, fumigation-free and inspection-free. It is an enviromental protection machine for making wood sawdust blocks.
2. The wood sawdust block making machine can produces blocks with hole or without hole. It is fully up to the users’ requirements.

presswood block

The whole production line:
1. The whole production line of the Hot press sawdust pallet block making machine includes Crusher, Dryer, Glue Mixing Machine, Press Machine and Dicing Saw.
2. It is a full automatic production line.
3. We supply the whole wood sawdust block production line to realize the users’ request.

Packaging & Shipping


Q:What is the guarantee time ? if machines broken or lost during sea freight who will take responsible ?

A:Guarantee time is for one year from Machine arrive customer sea port. for every export machine we buy insurance for it . if machine lost or broken during sea freight . we take responsible for it .


Q: During Guarantee time , if machine broken by machine design ,what should we do?

A:during guarantee time , if machine broken by machine design fault , we talk all responsible , for machine broken part free charge send to you , if after change broken part machine can not work , we would send new machine to you for exchange.

Q: Which kind documents your company can provided?

A:after ship depart from China port ,we can get documents from Shipping company such as : bill or lading , insurance documents.packing list , commercial invoice . if you need , we also can apply CO ,FORM F, FORM E etc.


Q:After guarantee time , if we need spare parts , can you provided it ?

A:we can provided for the machine spare part .


Q:Which kind of package you will use ?

A:For export , we usually use plywood box . which meet export standard.


ThoYu pallet machinery ongoing research seeks to further increase the understanding of the relationships between the design and performance of wood pallets and the entire unit load, to obtain even greater resource efficiencies in the future.
Need a custom box? presswood pallets and cases to your specification:Just send us the size… It’s simple and fast!Get a quote before you order, normally the same working day.
ThoYu provides you semi-automatic and fully automatic wooden pallet production line. What’s more, you also can produce different types of pallet according to your need. At the same time, one set of wooden pallet machineequips with one set of the mold. If you want to produce different pallet, you just change the mold only.
Above all, Thoyu also provides molded plastic pallet machine and wood pallet block machine for you. In addition, we can provide all series of auxiliary equipment, such as wood chipperwood crusherwood drying machineglue mixing machine and so on.

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