Ten well-known advantages of molded pallets

The full name of the molded pallets is the plant fiber molded flat industrial pallets. The raw materials used for the molded pallet are planer chips, plant straw, etc., which are the overall structure, panels and 9 support feet molded once. molded Pallet board surface flat smooth, can meet the transport of a variety of goods, the lower surface with reinforcement. The vertical and horizontal force of the plate is balanced, and the distribution of nine feet can satisfy the four-sided insertion of the forklift, which belongs to the plane four-to-one single side tray.

Molded pallets production process

Preparation of raw materials and shavings: the use of light wood, shavings shape, generally long 50mm, wide 10-20mm, thick 0.5mm or so. The path wood, branches or wood processing residue should remove dust, and strictly control the bark content, must not exceed 5% to ensure a good shaving shape, the thickness of the shavings 0.3~0.5mm for the top. After magnetic selection, the wood slices are fed into the drum wood chipper and processed into shavings, and then fed into the Dryer machine, and the moisture content of the shavings after drying should be controlled in the range of 2~3%.Small shavings and unqualified oversized shavings need to be removed by sorting.

Drum wood chipper

Drum wood chipper

dryer machine

Dryer machine

Mixing glue: In order to prevent the breakage of shavings, it is not appropriate to use high-speed Glue mixer. The measured shavings and the quantitative urea-formaldehyde resin are fed into the mixing machine at the same time, and the water content of the shavings should be controlled in the range of 8~10% after mixing evenly.

glue mixer

Glue mixer

Paving and hot pressing: We use of wood pallet machine, Mix the glue shavings in the mold, pre-pressure, hot pressing until the resin is fully cured can be molded. First, the shavings after sizing, quantitatively spread into the metal mold cold pressure pre-molding.Then put in the hot press pressurized molding.

wood pallet machine

wood pallet machine

Whole edge: Mainly for cutting edge, that is, removing the edge of the product excess flying edge.

final pallet

Molded pallet main 10 Technical advantages

(1) The water content is low, the tray in the use of the process does not absorb moisture, do not deform.

(2) stable size, light weight.

(3) The round angle design around it prevents the breakage of the product in the packaging and transportation process.

(4)Easy to export. without fumigation treatment.

(5) Wood processing residues and waste materials and low-grade wood can be used for manufacturing.

(5) Wood processing residues and waste materials and low-grade wood can be used for manufacturing.

(7) Prices are cheaper than traditional coniferous or broad-leaved materials.

(8) Each standard container loan cabinet can be placed about 1000 pallets, so that the user’s transportation costs are minimized.

(9) The maximum load capacity can reach more than 2500KG.

(10) The same number of pallets, saving 3/4 more space than ordinary wooden pallets. The forklift can carry 60 pallets at a time, while the ordinary wooden pallets carry only 18-20 at a time.

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