sawdust wood block making machine

sawdust wood block making machine is used to produce sawdust wood block by hot pressing,the sawdust wood block has advantages of fumigation, smooth and clean surface, high strength, good water resistance and etc.

sawdust wood block making machine

sawdust wood block making machine parameter

  • Model: Double-sided double-headed type
  • Type: hot press
  • Rated voltage: 380V
  • Rated power: 16Kw
  • Weight: 1500 kg
  • The longest processing length: 3000mm
  • Maximum processing thickness: 140mm
  • Maximum processing width: 260mm

Material: wood shavings,straw,sawdust,wood chips,wood crushed material

sawdust wood block

sawdust wood block Features:

  1. uniform specifications, consistent appearance
  2. smooth, no need to polish;
  3. around the middle and even uniform heating, glue curing thoroughly, the product of high strength;
  4. smooth surface, water is not easy to penetrate, the product has excellent water resistance.
  5. the internal structure of strong, easy to crack.

The sawdust wood block made by sawdust wood block making machine is widely used in wood packaging processing, logistics, machinery and electronics, ceramic building materials, metal appliances, precision instruments and other industries transport products and pallet processing, the product looks smooth and beautiful, durable, with advantages of large load, no borer and so on.

Fully in line with the inspection and quarantine standards of importing country(The United States, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Japan, China, South Korea, Mexico, Europe and other countries) to China’s import of goods packaging , can be smooth customs clearance in the importing country.


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