The Dynamic Load Test of Molded Pressed Plastic Pallet

ThoYu had tested the dynamic load of molded pressed plastic pallet. And the dynamic load test result, is molded pressed plastic pallet can bear more than 1.5 tons.

Molded Pressed Plastic Pallet Machine
Molded Pressed plastic pallet machine is specially customized for the production of pressed plastic pallets. And Molded pressed plastic pallet machine has a three-beam and four-column structure with a maximum pressure of 1000 tons. And the height is 5 meters and the weight is 20 tons. The holding time is 80 seconds. The holding time is also related to the raw material. The holding time will be different for different raw materials.
The compression molding process can be applied to the plastic pallet production of waste plastics and new plastics. The scope of application is extremely wide. Different types of pallets can be produced, and different molds can be replaced with the same equipment.
The working pressure is 600-700 tons.
Molded Pressed plastic pallet machine adopts servo motor, and the working noise is extremely low, the press runs smoothly, and the control is more precise.
Molded Pressed plastic pallet machine adopts the Siemens control system and Schneider electric components.

Molded pressed plastic pallet machine

Dynamic load test
The surface of pressed plastic pallet is loaded with 60 bags of sandbags for floor prevent, 25 kg per bag, and the total load is 1.5 tons.
Molded Pressed plastic pallet machine produced this pressed plastic pallet, and after the dynamic load test, the pallet is still in good condition.

Raw materials: waste plastics and recycled materials
Finished product: Pressed Plastic Pallet

Mold: the moulds are made of P20 and 45 steel. P20 steel is used on the surface of the contact tray, high hardness, not easy to rust, and uniform hardness. The mold life can reach 300000 mold times.
Type size: customizable
There are upper and lower mold guides on the mold to ensure accurate mold clamping.
P20 steel material is suitable for making plastic molds and die-casting mold materials for low melting point metals. And P20 steel material has good machinability and mirror polishing performance.

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