What is pallet?

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  • What is a pallet?
  • What are the basic types of molded pallet material?
  • What are the main molded pallet designs?
  • What are the major pallet sizes or pallet dimensions?
  • What are the major molded pallet sizes or molded pallet dimensions?

molded pallet

what is pallet?

A pallet is a horizontal platform, typically affixed to a superstructure and a bottom deck which allows it to be lifted and moved by material handling equipment such as lift trucks and conveyors as well as to placed in appropriate storage systems and transport vehicles. The pallet provides the base for assembling, storing, handling and transporting materials and products. Additionally, a pallet provides protection to the product on it.

The pallet is the most common base for the unit load. The unit load is a system which includes the pallet, goods stacked atop it, as well as the stretch wrap, adhesive, pallet collar, or other means of unit load stabilization.

What are the basic types of molded pallet material?

There are various common pallet materials. The wood pallet dominates the marketplace, followed by other materials, including plastic, paper, wood composite and metal pallets. Molded pallet is a new type of pallet, making molded pallet materials containing recycled lumber, recycled plastic and old pallets, etc.

molded pallet

Molded Wood pallets offer a great combination of weight, stiffness, durability and cost. In addition, there is a widespread pallet recycling infrastructure which helps promote the refurbishment and reuse of wood pallets. Other important buying considerations include pallet weight, and considerations for export pallets, such as Molded wood pallet in line with Aqsiq “Outbound cargo wood Packaging inspection treatment measures” and the International Plant Protection Convention Plant Quarantine International Standards (ISPM15), exemption from fumigation, can be directly exported. As such, they have become increasingly popular for export.

molded pallet

What are the main molded pallet designs?

Molded presswood pallet set ratio, the total height of 50 pallets is less than 2 meters; the tray bottom design complies with international standards and is suitable for international manual and automatic forklift standardization operations. The molded pallet is 60% lighter than the traditional wooden pallet, while the load-bearing capacity is equivalent.

Molded pallet is a molding, not easy to bend.

The molded presswood pallet is designed with rounded corners and is equipped with reinforcing ribs, which greatly improves the capacity of loading.

Waste pallet recycling, as raw material to make a new molded pallet.

Excellent dynamic and static load performance

The molded presswood pallet dynamic load can reach 2 tons, static load more than 11 tons.

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What are the major molded pallet sizes or molded pallet dimensions?

Although pallets may be fabricated to various custom sizes, there are some typical sizes that are most commonly used. Here is a list, including the region most commonly used:

molded pallet molded pallet molded pallet

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