wood block making machine

Product Introduction of Sawdust Block Making Machine

Compressed wood sawdust wood block making machine

1 How would you deal with the wood sawdust,wood shavings or the waste wood?

2 Will you burn or throw them away ?

3 Our wood sawdust block making machine is the best solution to your problems,it can help you recycle them and turn the wastes into profits.

The wood pallet foot making machine is used to make blocks/feet/logs for wooden pallets or trays, which can be used in packing industry and logistics(transportation).

The raw materials are wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, waste wood, used pallets and so on.

wood block making machine pallet block machine pallet block machine

sawdust pallet block compressed wood block


wood block making machine Production line

pallet block machine

For the production line,there are mainly four machines:

1.Crusher or Wood shaving machine:

It is used for the raw materials in larger size.

Please use wood shavings and sawdust to make pallets. If the raw material is not very big, it is unnecessary to crush.

Click here show you crusher details .


2.Dryer machine

Drying the raw material to keep the 10%-15% moisture.

3.Gluing machine

Mixing the material together tighter for next step.

4.Compressed wood block making machine (main machine of the wood block production line)

Three types of models of the hot press machine

Click here show you compressed wood pallet making machine.

The biggest characteristics will create dust-free workshop after our improved.


Raw materials and productions

pallet block machine

pallet block machine

Main types of wood block making machine

Four heads of wood pallet foot making machine:(two heads in each side)

pallet block machine

Six heads of wood pallet foot making machine ( new released model)

pallet block machine

Details of wood block making machine:

Technical support wood pallet foot making machine

pallet block machine

Parameters of wood block making machine

Pallet block machine model parameter
Size (mm) 4800*780*1320 4800*780*1320 4800*900*1420
Length and width of blcok 75-145 mm
Power (kW) 16.86 22.26 30.26
Density (kg/m3) 550-600kg
Production efficiency (m3/24h) 2-5 3-6 5-9
Dimension with saw(mm) 8000*600*1500 8000*700*1500 8000*700*1500
Weight(kg) 1000 1500 2000
Block size: 75-145 mm in width, 75-145 mm in length. Customized by customer required.



Technical support wood pallet foot making machine

pallet block machine

Our factory

Technical support wood pallet foot making machine

pallet block machine



pallet block machine


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