6 Pallet Types For Shipping Products

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4 Pallet Types For Shipping Products

Pallets are made from 4 basic materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and corrugated or cardboard. We have created the top 4 types of pallets you will need to think about for your companies shipping and logistic needs. All of these pallets will have different pallet pricing. And once you are done with your pallets you can make money with pallet recycling.

Plastic pallets

We hope this will help you with your shipping and logistics decisions.

1.Export Pallets

Businesses that ship internationally or across borders need to use export pallets. The easiest to identify export pallet is the plastic pallet. Export pallets are plastic and sturdy and good for one way shipping. Export pallets are weather resistant and will not get dry rot or mildew like wooden pallets. Export pallets are also accessible with a forklift or pallet jack on all 4 sides. This is called a 4 way entry pallet.

Specifications for Export Pallets

Weight Capacity for export pallets typically range from 3,000 to 5,000 pounds when sitting on the floor. If moving the pallet around weight capacity is around 1,200 to 2,000. The size of an export pallet can vary from the standard 48 inches by 40 inches pallet. Some other common export pallet sizes are 24 inches by 32 inches, or 24×32, 43 inches by 43 inches, or 43×43, 45 inches by 45 inches, or 45×45, 48 inches by 32 inches, or 48×32, 48 inches by 45 inches, or 48×45.

Industries that Use Wooden Pallets

The most common industries that use wooden pallets are: grocery, telecom, paint, drums, military, cement, chemical, beverage, dairy, automotive, paper, and retail.

2.Block Pallet

A wood block pallet is a discussion all by itself but we will try to discuss the benefits here to give you a good idea if this pallet will work for your business. Most wholesale clubs require a block pallet. The most common type is a blue CHEP pallet. Block pallets are preferred because they are exceptionally strong and durable. They are made with 5 inch blocks and boards that give it a weight capacity of 5,500 pounds.

3.New wooden pallets

New wooden pallets can come in many sizes and shapes and can be custom made. New wooden pallets are exactly what they sound like; they are made from new lumber. New wooden pallets can be heat treated and stamped for export overseas. There are typically two types of pallet wood to choose from; hardwood and softwood. Hardwoods are typically wood like oak and softwood is typically wood like pine. Other pallet wood types are Birch, Oak, Maple, or Walnut.

4.Pressed Wooden Pallets

Pressed wooden pallets are preferred in some industries that need a lightweight pallet. Pressed wooden pallets are nestable and can be exported because they are ISPM exempt. Another benefit is that there are no nails in this pallet so you don?t have to worry about your goods being damaged on this pallet.

5.Custom Pallets

The design and development of a custom pallet is important to shipping large or oversized products. Custom pallets are needed when products are large, heavy, or promotional in nature. Sometimes testing a custom pallet is necessary to ensure that pallet will work. They only drawback to custom pallets are they are difficult to find another customer to reuse them. The only other option is to tear down the custom pallet and use the lumber to make pallets of different sizes.

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