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An increasing demand for mold-free wood pallet packaging in the food and pharmaceutical sectors has led to a greater need to understand the finer points of the mold issue.


Mold means different things to different wood users. There are literally thousands of fungi that can land on a wood surface and grow. Some of these fungi degrade the structural polymers that give wood its unique properties. Others only use sugars, proteins or other compounds stored within the wood, and others still may just be growing on material on the wood surface (such as dust or pollen). Some are not visible to the naked eye, while others markedly discolor the wood.

For the purposes of this short review, we will consider molds to be those fungi that produce pigmented spores on the wood surface. These spores are typically capable of becoming airborne and can land on any wet wood where they germinate to produce hyphae that grow into the wood to use stored sugars, proteins and other compounds. Once the fungus obtains enough energy, it produces spores on the wood surface to start the cycle again on another piece of wood. This process can take a few days but can also extend to months or years, depending on the fungus and the environmental conditions.

Wooden Pallet Machines are Best Option of Recycling Wood Waste

Global countries produce a mass of wood waste every day. But how to deal with it more efficiently and profitably? Many companies are looking for the better ways. Now Thoyu provides wooden pallet machines for you, which is best option of recycling wood waste.

How does the factory deal with these wood wastes? Burn it! Sell it! This is the more common answer.

Burn out

Most companies have their own drying workshops, which can provide part of the energy supply by burning wood scrap. This method is popular with most companies because of its simplicity, and direct effectiveness.

However, it is undeniable that the potential value of wood itself is much greater than the value it provides by burning. Burning wood leftover materials is a great degree of resource waste. Whereas, Thoyu can provide more effective solutions to you.


This method seems simpler. It can not only solve the waste accumulation caused by workshop production, but also improve the working environment of workers. At the same time, the surplus materials sold can be directly converted into the income of the funds.

However, in fact, the price of surplus material resold in this way is very low. Meantime, the return is very little for the investment of production cost.

Wooden pallet machines are the ideal equipment for recycling wood waste

Is there more profitable way to dispose these wood waste? Yes, of course.

Why not use these wood waste materials to make presswood pallets?

Presswood pallet is different from the traditional wooden pallet. And compressed wood pallets are produced by hot pressing technology.

Features of compressed wood pallet

  1. Low moisture content and constant intensity and rigidity. Wood pallet is non-hygroscopic and no deformation in the course.
  2. Stable dimension and no distortion and warping.
  3. High precision size and light weight. It is specifically designed reinforcing rib that ensures the intensity and production accuracy.
  4. Rounded design to prevent goods damage in the packaging and transportation process.
  5. Stacking type. A lot of pallets can be stacked together and the height of the 50 pieces of pallets is about 7 feet. So compressed wood pallet can save space in the warehouse industry. And the molded wood pallet saves space up to 70%.
  6. Free fumigation and popular in the import and export transportation. In addition, wooden pallet machines build the molded wood pallet with high pressure and high temperature. And it is one time forming pallet. The final pallet meet ISPM15, and is ready for export. Hence, it will save a lot of time required for the customs clearance process.

Now Thoyu tells you how to produce press wood pallet, and the following is the process.

The process of wooden pallet machines

Step 1: gather the materials containing wood fiber and eliminate the impurities, then chip them into wood chips.

Step 2: crush the materials containing wood fiber.

Step 3: dry the crushed materials to 8-10% moisture content.

Step 4: evenly mix the dried materials with glue according to the certain proportion.

Step 5: fill the mixed materials into the mould and press.

Step 6: keep pressing for about 7 minutes.

Step 7: automatically discharge the final pressed wood pallet.

All the process of wooden pallet machines is very simple. But the return can gain more profits.

Thoyu provides you semi-automatic and fully automatic wooden pallet production line. What’s more, you also can produce different types of pallet according to your need. At the same time, one set of wooden pallet machine equips with one set of the mold. If you want to produce different pallet, you just change the mold only.

Above all, Thoyu also provides molded wood pallet machine and wood pallet block machine for you. In addition, we can provide all series of auxiliary equipment, such as wood chipper, wood crusher, wood drying machine, glue mixing machine and so on.

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