The difference between presswood pallet and traditional pallet

Molded presswood pallet: the plant fiber and environmental protection synthetic resin mix, after high temperature and high pressure molding molded pallet products.The surface of the pallet is smooth and flat, suitable for
transportation of various goods.

Traditional wood pallet: to log as raw material, through drying stereotypes treatment, and then cutting, planing, decapitation, pumping edge, sanding and other finishing processing to form section plate, and then the section plate bound into semi-finished tray, the final finishing, Non-slip treatment and sealing wax treatment. pallet

Raw Material 

Molded presswood pallet of raw materials: wood shavings, wood chips, branches, logs, scrap wooden pallets, scrap wood, plank, kraft paper, Plant straw, straw, bamboo, sugarcane residue, awn grass, coconut silk and so on. Molded wooden pallets can be produced by using small diameter timber, scrap wood and materials containing wood fiber, and the cost is much lower than that of wood pallets. Raw Material

Presswood Pallet Advantages pallets

Easy to export 

Molded presswood pallet in line with Aqsiq “Outbound cargo wood Packaging inspection treatment measures” and the International Plant Protection Convention Plant Quarantine International Standards (ISPM15), exemption from fumigation, can be directly exported.

Space saving

Molded presswood pallet set ratio, the total height of 50 pallets is less than 2 meters; the tray bottom design complies with international standards and is suitable for international manual and automatic forklift standardization operations. The molded pallet is 60% lighter than the traditional wooden pallet, while the load-bearing capacity is equivalent.

A piece of design

Molded pallet is a molding, not easy to bend.

Safe and reliable

The molded presswood pallet is designed with rounded corners and is equipped with reinforcing ribs, which greatly improves the capacity of loading.


Waste pallet recycling, as raw material to make a new molded pallet.

Excellent dynamic and static load performance
The molded presswood pallet dynamic load can reach 2 tons, static load more than 11 tons.

presswood pallet

ThoYu pallet machinery ongoing research seeks to further increase the understanding of the relationships between the design and performance of wood pallets and the entire unit load, to obtain even greater resource efficiencies in the future.
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