How to recycle waste wood?

Used/Reusable Lumber and Wood

This wood is lumber or timber that has been used for construction purposes and is in good enough shape to be reused for other purposes or molded pallets through industrial recycling. Here are the commonly available sources and grades of used and reusable lumber:

-Linear Construction Grade Lumber
-Barn Board
-Remanufactured/Renovated Woods
-Used Plywood



Wood Chips, Shavings, and Sawdust

Wood chips, shavings, and sawdust are the usual by-products of timber and lumber milling operations. The wood by-product material is processed to a uniform size, contaminants are removed. After industrial recycling, the wood chips, shavings, and sawdust are commonly used for animal bedding and litter products, or as soil conditioners, soil amendments, and mulches.Of course, these products are also the best material for moulding pallets


Wood Fuel

Wood has been used for fuel for centuries. Wood is commonly the most readily available source of fuel for combustion. Wood waste can be recycled into firewood, charcoal, chips, sheets, pellets, and sawdust.However, a better recycling method is to turn these wastes into money. These waste woods are recycled as raw materials for pallets, saving the cost of buying raw materials and reducing the cost of pallets. You can get more money.More Click

Repurposing Wood

This is where the true creative types shine! We don’t profess to be the creative types, but we do have our share of ideas. We have seen headboards, dining tables, chairs, and even fully inhabitable houses built from repurposed wood!
If you are interested in some great repurposing ideas click here.


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