wood pallet sawdust block making machine

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Wood pallet sawdust block making machine Description

Wood Pallet Block Machine, the final products can be with holes or without holes. And machine heating can be electric or conduction oil heating.This wood pallet block machine mainly raw materials are wood sawdust,

wood shaving, glue, through heating, shaping into wood blocks, the final blocks are clean, smooth, waterproof, easy to nailed, and fumigation free.We can customize the mould as requirements.

wood pallet sawdust block making machine

Model Double Head Four Head Six Head
Size 4800*780*1320 4900*800*1800 4900*940*1800
Capacity 2-5m3/24h 4-5m3/24h 6-8m3/24h
Density 550-600kg/m3 550-600kg/m3 550-600kg/m3
Weight 1050kg-1500kg 1500kg 2200Kg
Power 12-19kw 16-18kw 24kw


Introduction of wood pallet sawdust block making machine

We have many models of pallet feet making machine , different model can make different size. Pls choose the sizes u want to make and then we can let u know the price.

We recommend you to use wood shavings and sawdust to make pallets. If the raw material is not very big we do not suggest to crush frist.

wood block making machine

Features of wood pallet sawdust block making machine
We will projects and technical parameters according to the users’ requirements.

Our factory is responsible for the technical training, and provides the consummation the post-sale service.We will establish a complete user files to achieve one file for each customer. We can provide accurate and fast service for customers.

We have a professional technical personnel team, and we provide you with the best quality products.

Working principle of wood pallet sawdust block making machine

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Wood crushing machine   2. Belt conveyor   3. Silo   4. Rotary drum dryer   5. Dust collector   6. Glue mixer   7. Bucket elevator   8. sawdust block making machine

This wood block making machine is used to make blocks/feet/log for pallets, which is can be used in packing industry and logistics.

1.Our wood block making/press line is mainly made up of Crusher, Dryer, Glue Mixing Machine, Press Machine and Saw to cut the block piece by piece.

2.The raw material for wood sawdust block press machine is sawdust, wood shavings, waste wood, used pallet and so on. If the raw material size is not very big we do not suggest crushing first.

3.The pallet block’s size can be made by customer’s demands.


Product Show

wood pallet sawdust block making machine


脚蹲 sawdust pallet block

Usuage :
1. High temperature and pressure,press materials into pallet one time, standard size.

2. Pallets can be used in export package, free fumigation, and free quarantine; do not need any test before export.

3. Reasonable design of the structure, high performance.According the European standard, biodegradability.

4. Water proofs, insect prevention, and protection against termites, antisepticises and do not easy to burn.

5. Strong bearing capacity, no deformation and can be reused.

6. Can be forked from four directions, easy to use the pallets.

7. Can be store in bulk, save room, easy to be transported.

compressed wood block presswood block

Our Service

1. Suggest to client suitable raw material, final product capacity.

2. Introduce machine’s structure and features in detail, explain the price component.

3. answer client concerned questions.



1. Start production as soon as receiving down payment.

2. Send photos of machine in manufacturing and finished photos to client, for your better learn about the machine’s condition.

3. Delivery machine in time, taking photos during loading, so you can “remote monitoring” your goods.

4. Documents and certificate available in time.

5. Manual documents available. Engineer can be sent to client site for installation instruction.

Packing &Delivery


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